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Earlier this month, a school in Maine made the decision to exclude the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from their varsity esports program. Thomas College cited the inclusion of terrorism, bombing, and gun violence as reason for the decision. Interestingly enough, in the place of CS:GO in the school’s program, Rainbow Six Siege will be played at Thomas. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter that features many similar themes as CS:GO. 

Norris, Daniel and Jacob discuss this story at length, including whether or not the inclusion of Rainbow Six at the exclusion of CS:GO is contradictory!


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Next summer in Tokyo, esports is set to take yet another step forward with Intel sponsoring Street Fighter and Rocket League tournaments in the days leading up to the 2020 Olympic Games. While these events are not eligible for Olympic medals, the teams competing will be representing their respective nations, and the overall prize pool totaling at $250,000 for each game’s tournament. 

How big of an impact will this have on the legitimization of esports in the public eye? Watch the latest episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus to find out exactly what the guys think!


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Cornell becomes the latest in a line of schools to dedicate a large amount of resources to growing and developing an esports program, as the Ivy League institution recently made several key moves to enter the mix. This will be the first year of Cornell’s varsity esports team, and they will be constructing a brand new space to practice and compete in. The new arena is filled with 12 state-of-the-art gaming computers, screens, and peripherals suitable for intercollegiate gaming competitions.Cornell plans to compete in the Tespa Varsity Series as well as the Ivy League Conference.

Get more details from the gang about the Cornell construction and what it means for the expanding esports scene!


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The Shock swept the New York Excelsior in the losers bracket and now they face the Titans in the grand finals. With their fourth 4-0 series of the loser’s bracket, the San Francisco squad seems renewed and ready to face their Canadian counterparts. The Shock and Titans have faced off in two stage finals; Vancouver took the first stage and San Francisco won the second. 

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The end of an era has come. Hector Rodriguez, AKA OpTic H3CZ, has become the final domino to drop in the tumultuous saga of OpTic Gaming’s ownership. The creator and CEO of the organization leaves just as the sale of the team from Infinite Entertainment to Immortals Gaming Club becomes finalized, to join NRG Gaming, who own the San Francisco Shock Overwatch League Team, and have a spot secured to steer the Chicago based team in the new franchised Call of Duty league. 

Your humble managing editor, me, Kevin Kelly, tags in to talk about this topic in this week’s episode!


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As the Overwatch League is coming to an end, the Overwatch Varsity Series is about to begin. There are over 128 teams confirmed for the Overwatch Varsity Series. This week we focused on 3 of the top teams in the competition. Harrisburg retained their championship roster, as well as adding to their depth with 3 more players. Utah held on to 7 of their core players, but added to their roster making the total of players to 11. Maryville lost Snooze, Axel, and TWISTan, but the team of 9 still has 6 members of their winning roster. 

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