New Resident Evil Game is PvP

Photo Credit: Capcom

We’ve heard rumblings as the Tokyo Game Show approached that a new Resident Evil game was going to be announced. Most people fell into one of two camps; is this the next main line game in the franchise, Resident Evil 8 or would this be another remake like Resident Evil 2? Both games has incredible launches and were received well by fans of all stripes. As it turns out, we were all wrong.

Project Resistance is the new game and it’s Capcom and Resident Evils take on the Dead by Daylight\Friday the 13th model. It’s an asymmetrical co-op game with 4 players against 1 other player. Like in past Resident Evil games the four players must solve puzzles and try to find their way to freedom while the other player does everything in their power to stop them.

Where this differs from other asymmetrical horror games is that the odd person out isn’t a monster, not exactly. You play the Mastermind, who watches all the action from a control room using a CCTV system and can do all kinds of things to slow down the survivors, including taking control of zombies.

Source via Kotaku.

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