Big News from CheckpointXP!  We’re so excited to announce CheckpointXP’s newest brand—CheckpointXP On Campus.    

Checkpoint XP on Campus will capture all of the excitement and energy that esports and competitive video gaming are bringing to colleges and universities across the country. We’ve teamed up with UNLV’s Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies.  Our collegiate content hub is located on the UNLV campus, and we are inviting approximately 70 schools across the country and Canada to contribute news about their schools, too. The site is being created by students, for students.  We see this as an opportune moment to leverage CheckpointXP’s authoritative voice on the sport while extending into the college arena as this sports-entertainment segment of collegiate life continues to gain popularity and financial support from players, students and university administrators, alike. There is not a better voice to capture this phenomenon than the college students living and breathing it.

CheckpointXP On Campus will exist as a multi-platform brand, launching this Thursday evening.  Our first 1 Hour Video and Podcast Show will air on Twitch, and YouTube at 10pm EST/7pm PST. Additional content will live on the website under the CheckpointXP On Campus section.

“As Host of the show, I never dreamed I would be heading back to school at this stage in my career, shared Norris Howard.  “But working with the journalism students at UNLV’s JMS Department and several other schools so far has allowed me to see the growing impact that esports and video gaming is having today on our campuses.  Regardless of whether a school has a varsity or club team, they are developing rivalries and achieving competitive excellence, the same way other traditional sports have long competed at the collegiate level.”

The show will also be anchored by two UNLV-based hosts, Daniel Agbuya and Jacob Brothers, who will be orchestrating all college coverage.  “I couldn’t be more excited to be leading this charge with Jacob,” said Daniel Agbuya, senior, majoring in Journalism.  Combining my journalism background with a passion for esports is a big win for me. We have the opportunity to tell so many exciting stories and expose our audience to a sport that is only going to gain in size and appeal.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard that we had been selected to partner with CheckpointXP to launch their college brand,” echos Jacob Brothers, a junior majoring in Journalism with a minor in Marketing. “We are planning to make sense of all the games, the competitions, and highlight the key players competing at an elite level.  Given that the Professional Scene is continuing to expand, it will be great for us to cover some of these players as they refine their games and potentially go pro.”

In addition to all of this, Kevin Kelly has been appointed the brand’s first student Managing Editor and has his work cut out for him grabbing all of the content that doesn’t make it onto the weekly show and giving it a solid home on the CheckpointXP On Campus site.  “While Norris, Daniel, and Jacob have their hands full producing the weekly show, there is an abundant amount of content we can publish for the website to ensure that we are capturing the much bigger story of esports,” said Kevin Kelly, a senior Journalism major with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication. We’re interested in the entire scene—from the news items and team rankings to scholarships and recruitment news to the academic programs and job opportunities that are now beginning to emerge from so many schools across the country.

“But the coolest part of all this,” claims Norris, “is that all the content is being created by students, for students.  It really doesn’t get much cooler than that!”

Checkout CheckpointXP On Campus—Thursday nights, 10pm EST/7pm PST.  Available on, Twitch and YouTube.

If you or your school wish to contribute content to CheckpointXP On Campus, please reach out to us at .