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Photo: Norris Howard

The spectacle that is the LCS is descending upon Detroit this weekend and will flood the city center with League of Legends super-fans. We here at Checkpoint XP want to be stewards for our fellow nerds making the pilgrimage to the Motor City. So here’s a few things to check out while you are in Detroit.

Old School Arcades

There’s going to be an appetite for games over the weekend. And right Downtown there’s two classic arcade bars for your enjoyment.


Ready Player One is just outside of Greektown. The signage isn’t the largest in the world so you’ll have to look for it. However, once you enter you be greeted with a host of classic arcade machines. Including the only “Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalker” cabinet I’ve ever seen in Michigan. The cocktails are also pretty good here as well so check em out.

Pop + Offworld is right on the edge of Cadillac Square in the center of downtown. Its a partnered location with Checker Bar so you won’t want for drinks either. I’ve been partial to its Mortal Kombat II and Street Fighter II cabinets, personally, but there’s tons of great old games to play. They also have some damn good pizza there as well.

So. Much. Good. Food.

There’s no shortage of places to grub downtown catering to all wallet sizes. For something quick there’s places like burger joints Brome and Lover’s Only. For something with more local flavor you can hit Bucharest Grille, one of Detroit’s most beloved Mediterranean food brands. For under $10 you can grab a shawarma and curly fries that will fill you up for the whole weekend. Also, there is no way you should visit the D and not go to a Coney Island. You’ve got American and Lafayette Coney Islands right downtown as well. I won’t tell you which one to patronize, but pick one. You must.


If you are feeling more bougie, there’s Prime + Proper for the steak lovers. Wright & Company for small plates and drinks. An experimental food hall, Detroit Shipping Co. within walking distance from Little Caesar’s Arena. Another food hall, Fort Street Galley, in the Financial District downtown.

These are just what’s in the downtown core. There’s even more options in Corktown, Southwest Detroit, West Village and Midtown. If there is one thing in Detroit you will do well, its eat.

Trendy Coffee Shops

Lastly, we know folks love coffee and there’s a couple cafe’s that are absolutely amazing in the downtown area.

Urban Bean Coffee Photo: Norris Howard

First is Urban Bean which is be one of the more interesting spots in all of downtown and for sure one of the most unique places for coffee. It might be the only place where you can grab a latte while also cooling out to a live Techno (Techno, not EDM, Detroit is the birthplace of the genre) set from local DJ’s.

Secondly, you have Cannelle Detroit and Dessert Oasis Coffee. The former is a French-style patisserie with an amazing selection of sweets and the latter is a neighborhood coffee spot with the zippiest wi-fi and plenty of work space.

No matter if you are a die hard LoL fan, a casual going for the experience or press working the event. Detroit is a place that nerds will love!

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