2019-07-25 - Overwatch League 2019 Stage 4 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

As the 2019 Overwatch League regular season draws to the close, everyone has their sights set on the play-offs and the road to the Grand Finals. Even so, fans are excited for what comes next year in the 2020 season as the Overwatch League and it’s teams hit the road.

During this past season the Overwatch League tested out the blueprints for home and away games with their ‘Homestand Weekends’. The previous two were held in Dallas and Atlanta and were considered huge successes by both the Overwatch League and Fans alike. This coming week, which will be the final weekend of regular season play will be hosted by the LA Valiant at the Novo in Los Angeles, CA at the final Homestand Weekend titled Kit Kat Rivalry.

With the success of the Homestand Weekends, it was announced that the 2020 season would feature home and away games with each teams home city hosting at least one weekend worth of games and some teams hosting up to five. The Overwatch League has finally released what that 2020 season will look like.

The 2020 season will feature 27 weeks worth of regular season play, up from the 20 that we see in the current format, but it will also abolish the stage play-offs which added another 3 weeks worth of play to the season. Another big change we see in the schedule is that all games will be played on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, instead of Thursday through Sunday.

There is some skepticism being leveled at the schedule, however, as there does seem to be a few cases of teams not playing for weeks at a time. The Guangzhou Charge for example don’t play their first match until Week 3 and the Atlanta Reign don’t play their first match until Week 4. For a league that’s looking to cash in on regionalism and fanfare, it seems counter-intuitive to start a new season and have an entire team’s worth of fans waiting an entire month before they get to see their team play.

For more information and as well as a copy of the Overwatch League 2020 season schedule click here.