Game Informer Staff Layoffs

Former and Game Informer employees have taken to Twitter about the recent layoff of many of their notable staff. Many speculate this was a decision made by GameStop, and not necessarily by Game Informer. Earlier this month, GameStop themselves had laid off many of their regional sales team, which would also lend to this speculation. Despite the layoffs, Game Informer’s Executive Editor, Andrew Reiner, repeatedly confirms that Game Informer is not shutting down.

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My position at Game Informer was eliminated today. Thank you to all the readers, the fans who have sent me nice messages over the years, my colleagues, and everyone in the industry who made me feel welcome. You all made this the best experience of my life.

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I was laid off this morning so today was my last at Game Informer. Thanks to everyone who’s made this whole experience a blast over the years, let me know if you have leads on potential work, and unionize your workplace.

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I appreciate all the love. I see it. I feel it. I am trying to get things right with my people. I love Game Informer, its people and its readers more than any corporation could, and I will address all the issues when I can, but for now I need to focus on my GI family.

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