Ninja is the Kingpin of Mixer

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In less than a week since his debut stream from Lollapalooza on Mixer, Ninja has already accrued enough followers to dethrone the previous number one streamer, David “Grefg” C├ínovas.

Last week, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced that he’d be leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s platform Mixer. In that time, he’s gained 830,000 followers, which as of writing this is just over 10,000 more than Grefg. That’s not the only record that Ninja has broken as he’s also managed to net over 1 million subscribers. A large part of that should be attributed to the fact that for a limited time subscriptions to his Mixer channel are free.

The move is unquestionably a huge success for Ninja and for Mixer. It still remains to be seen if the level of success has any affect on other streamers and their choice of platform. According to Dot Esports though, some other big names like Dr. Disrespect and KEEMSTAR have already been entertaining the idea of a platform swap if the financial incentive was big enough.

Source via Dot Esports

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