PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 21: Christia Bridges-Jones, of Chandler, Arizona, wears buttons on her chest in front of the Delta Airlines ticket counter during a Nurse In protest at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport November 21, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. The mothers were protesting as a result of a prior incident in which Emily Gillette was breast feeding her child on a Delta Airlines flight prior to take off when the flight attendant told her to cover her breast feeding child with a blanket. The flight attendant had Gillette and her family removed from the plane when the mother declined to cover her baby. (Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images)

Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images

Twitch was the center for yet another streamer controversy last week when Heather Kent, better known as HeatheredEffect to her audience, breastfed her baby on stream while talking with a friend. It wasn’t too long after that that the clip was removed from Twitch citing sexual content.

This started the debate on whether breastfeeding is something that should be allowed on Twitch or not, mirroring the ongoing debate of whether or not it should be allowed in public (which it is). Twitch isn’t well known for their transparency on enforcing their TOS or lack thereof, but in this case the incident was resolved quickly. Heather had reached out to Twitch arguing that breastfeeding isn’t a lewd act and a such, doesn’t violate Twitch’s terms of service. Twitch has responded to Heather regarding the matter.

Source via Kotaku