Image Provided by Capcom

With EVO and its big fighting game announcements on the horizon everyone is looking forward to who will drop the most exiting trailers. Well, it seems Capcom couldn’t wait at all as a video revealing the next wave of DLC characters for Street Fighter V leaked to Steam on Wednesday.

Game Producer, Yoshinori Ono went took to Twitter to apologize for the leak and the content was taken down from Steam in a matter of minutes. But the damage was done and the information hit social media just as fast. In reaction, Ono and the official Street Fighter V YouTube were forced to post the reveal trailer early and it is now public.

The trailer depicted long time requested Sumo-based character E. Honda marking the last of the “original 8” from Street Fighter II to be included in the game. The other two characters are the risque Poison and newcomer Lucia both hailing from the Final Fight series. The video showed all their moves, upcoming costumes and a new updated version of E. Honda’s Street Fighter II stage.

All three of the new characters will be available on August 4th, which is also Championship Sunday for EVO and the bundle to purchase them all will go live the next day on August 5th.

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