Overwatch Anniversary 2019 - Photo: Overwatch / Blizzard

Photo: Overwatch / Blizzard

After a number of the usual teases and bread crumb social media posts, Overwatch announced its new hero, the crazed scientist, Sigma.

In his origin story, Sigma waxes poetically about harnessing the power of black holes. This confirms some fan theories that his abilities would be gravity based. Its clear that at some point his experiments go awry and cause Sigma to go insane. He is later broken out of captivity by Overwatch’s bad guy group, Talon.

As of right now we don’t know much about how he fits into the gameplay. We should expect to get details of what sort of abilities he has in the next developer update soon.

Note: Roughly two hours from the posting of this article, Blizzard patched the test server for Overwatch and included Sigma. He is indeed a tank and has gravity based abilities. More on the new hero after we get our hands on him for a few games!

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