Jack "Script" Ross, FGC Caster

Jack “Script” Ross is a Fighting Game Community caster with a primary focus on Super Smash Brothers and Dragonball FighterZ. He joins us to talk about his career and his love for gaming.

I think something that could improve the visibility across the Midwest would also improve visibility across the world. I think getting better internet, like 5G. We need something like that. South Korea has phenomenal connection and that’s why they’re producing some of the best online esports and going onto the professional scene.

– Script, on improving visibility esports in the Midwest

First couple months that game came out, I was NASTY. Kid Cobra with the Rocket arm, and then the Three Shot, it was disgusting! It break block like no problem. Top 500! Top 500!… I was pleasantly surprised.

– Script, on Nintendo video game, ARMS

I slowly started doing the smaller Michigan weekend events to being the main commentator there to applying to out of state events, specifically Midwest Mayhem 10, where streaming the event was the largest stream in the Midwest, Unrivaled Tournaments. I hit big that day and chat loving my commentary. From there, I kept rolling doing Frostbite x2, Smash and Splash x2, GOML, and every large Midwest Regional. I only plan to expand as my brand grows. It’s my greatest passion in my life and have many events coming down the pipeline that I cannot wait for.

– Script on his commentary travels

We first got to meet and talk with Script at the grand opening of GAMETIME!


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