Noah Smith, sports contributing writer for the Washington Post, returns on Checkpoint XP, bringing insight on esports contracts.

Players should really understand their value #1, but now understand that they are participating in a billion dollar industry.

– Noah Smith

Noah discusses in depth about his most recent article, Debate: What does a fair esports contract look like? It’s complicated. Due to the recent legal action between Tfue and FaZe Clan, Noah sheds light on what esports contracts should look like, and what current and future problems lie with streamers and professional gamers.

The other big element to mention is unions. The reason why we aren’t hearing these (contract) numbers is because that they don’t have to. Disclosing the terms of these contracts, I would argue, benefits the players. Obviously, because then they can say, “Well, Ninja got this. I have more views than Ninja. I want more money than Ninja.”

– Noah Smith

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