Stage 3 of the season is finally in the books and we have the full picture of what to expect from the Stage Play-Offs. We break down what the outcomes may look like and talk about the New York Excelsior’s inability to capitalize on their full potential.

Going into Stage 3, the two front runners from the final spot in the Stage 3 play-offs were the Philadelphia Fusion and the Shanghai Dragons, we talk about what the Dragons did to earn that final spot. Plus, why can’t the Excelsior figure out how to finish out a play-off spot? They’re a top 3 team, but we don’t talk about them in the same breath as the Titans or the Shock.

Low Team Damage – Episode 46 – Problems at the Top

With Stage 3 in the books and the Play-Offs coming up, we discuss the Dragons final week to make the 8th slot. We also talk about what keeps NYXL from using their full potential. Join the discussion over at our Discord! – Subscribe & Review over on our itunes – Social Media!

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