Method Partners With TakeTV For World First Race

Method is gearing up for the next race to world first in World of Warcraft. With the next set of raids set to release next week, Method will once again be promoting the race between themselves and the other major guilds in the popular MMO. However, this time they won’t be partnering with Red Bull as they have for similar events throughout the last year. Instead, they’ll be partnering with TakeTV.

When asked about why, Method leader ‘Sco’ wrote: “We see the long-term damage of handing off the 14-year-old community run RWF competition to a 3rd party corporation. Only the community and/or Blizzard themselves should have ownership over the RWF. The goal of the 3rd party corporation is to promote their own brand as much as possible (less incentive to bring on other sponsors as it dilutes their brand exposure), run the event at the lowest cost possible, while also owning the run of show and all other aspects (branding, marketing, event sales etc) surrounding the show which severely limits the guilds oversight and return from the event.”

Source: Esports Observer
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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