Nate Nanzer at Esports Business Summit, chatting with Checkpoint XP (Photo by Christine Solis, Checkpoint XP)

Nate Nanzer, the Commissioner of the Overwatch League since its conception, is leaving Activision Blizzard. Nanzer will be transitioning to overseeing competitive esports at Epic Games. While still being humble and thanking the teams of people that helped build the league to where its at now.

I can’t wait to see where the team takes the Overwatch League in 2020 – and beyond. And I’ll be cheering right there alongside you, every step of the way.

Nate Nanzer 2019

Pete Valstelica, CEO of Activision Blizzard’s Esports Leagues, will be replacing Nate Nanzer as the Overwatch League Commissioner.

Source: Dot Esports

Photo by Christine Solis, Checkpoint XP