Julian Nguyen You, Lizardcube artist for the upcoming Streets of Rage 4, share his love for Streets of Rage came to be.

Julian Nguyen You revealed how Streets of Rage connected him and his dad. Plus, his inspiration for the Streets of Rage artwork.

Website: Streets of Rage 4
Facebook: Streets of Rage 4
Lizardcube Twitter: Lizardcube
Lizardcube Facebook: Lizardcube
Julian Nguyen You Website: juliannyou.artstation.com

PAX East Developer Interviews – Monday – April 1st, 2019 (Part 2)

Interview #1: Yasuyuki Oda, Deputy GM of Game Division Nobuyuki Kuroki Lead Artist for SNK Josh Weatherford SNK Game Designer. Interview #2: Brian Cullen, developer on Mayhem in the Single Valley Interview #3: Julian Yo, Developer on the New Streets of Rage Join the discussion over at our Discord!