UNSPECIFIED - OCTOBER 10: In this photo illustration the YouTube website is dispayed on October 10, 2006. Google has bought YouTube, the popular online video website where users can upload and watch videos for free, for $1.65billion dollars. (Photo Illustration by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Momo is a hoax, just like it’s been every other time the story started to spread. It seems like every few years, the Momo Challenge reappears with its signature creepy image. Supposedly, it’s a challenge that leads children to kill themselves and while the internet is full of bad ideas, this one in particular isn’t true. News sources need to be much more careful about spreading things like this around. We are in the era of the Tide pod challenge, and the young people trying to kill others to appease Slenderman. As more people learn to manipulate Photoshop to more convincing degrees, creating hoaxes like this has become exponentially easier.

Source: The Atlantic

Photo Illustration by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images