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      • Drama in the 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming match
        • 100 Thieves employed a tactic to slow their minions in getting to lane, something most teams were under the impression was punishable by forfeiture.
        • 100 Thieves had reached out to Riot to get clarification that it was okay, but Riot failed to update the other teams in the league.
        • Riot apologized to their opponents Clutch Gaming, who deserved to lose anyway for their Zilean top and Jayce jungle picks.
      • C9 defeats TSM after picking Sylas!
        • TSM picked 5 champs with strong ultimate abilities, which Sylas is able to steal. He did so to great effect, being played by Licorice.
      • Golden Guardians is on the board!
        • Golden Guardians are 2-4 following their victories over TSM and Optic Gaming.
      • Team Liquid roll to 6-0 after defeating second place FlyQuest and Optic Gaming.
      • Team Liquid is in 1st at 6-0, and C9 is in 2nd at 4-2. CLG, FlyQuest, Echo Fox, and 100 Thieves are tied in 3rd at 3-3.

Source: League of Legends NA LCS

Photo by: Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images