ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 18: DreamHack Atlanta 2018 attendees compete during the event at the Georgia World Congress Center on November 18, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Chris Thelen/Getty Images)

FNatic didn’t look like the same dominant squad without Capps, as SK Gaming effectively beat them twice on the first day of LEC play.

European League of Legends fans had a shorter off-season than most, with FNatic making it all the way to the finals at Worlds last year. However, their off season had an unexpected delay of about an hour and thirty¬† minutes today as server latency caused the league’s inaugural match to be restarted. At the 25:33 mark of the first game of the season between FNatic and SK Gaming, FNatic paused the game to inform judges that poor latency was affecting the match. They had made a similar complaint minutes earlier, which judges reviewed and dismissed. With the second complaint, judges found that latency had indeed affected play and made the call to restart the match on a fresh server.

Fans of SK Gaming were not happy, as SK had a commanding lead of over 4000 gold and lead 9-2 in kills. After the delay, the match was restarted and a much closer contest was had. FNatic had a commanding lead late in the game. However, a botched team fight in mid allowed SK to get back into the match. One baron kill and an insane play by Selfmade later, SK closed out the game and took the win at 30:45. It was a troubled start to the LEC region, but great gameplay all around.