Nate Nanzer at Esports Business Summit, chatting with Checkpoint XP (Photo by Christine Solis, Checkpoint XP)

Overwatch League VP and Commissioner, Nate Nanzer, joins Nate and Joe at the Esports Business Summit in as Las Vegas.

Serving as the commissioner of the Overwatch League and the head of product for all Overwatch esports, Nate Nanzer leads the cross-discipline esports programs for the popular team-based action game from Blizzard Entertainment.

Nate began developing plans for an Overwatch esports program in his spare time while working in Blizzard’s marketing department, and has now turned that passion into a full-time role. He oversees the strategy, development, and execution of Overwatch esports for all levels of play (including: the Overwatch League, Overwatch World Cup, Contenders, Open Division, and Tespa), and is responsible for everything from partnerships to competition rules.

Twitter: @NateNanzer, @OverwatchLeague

(Photo by Christine Solis, Checkpoint XP)