GWANGJU, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 28: Team Cloud9 of North America stand on the stage before the semifinal match of 2018 The League of Legends World Championship at Gwangju Women's University Universiade Gymnasium on October 28, 2018 in Gwangju, South Korea. (Photo by Woohae Cho/Getty Images)

Cloud 9 is arguably one of the top three esports organizations in the world. It participates in virtually every sector of the esports world. It has championships across the board and continues to be a dominant force in gaming. But there’s one area that C9 and many other orgs overlooked, that’s college. In conjunction with uConnect, C9 announced the Cloud 9 Collegiate Series, a myriad of competition and resources aimed at college esports.

On and Off The Sticks

For as massive as the college esports scene is becoming, endemic teams and brands have been mostly hands-off. Outside of Evil Geniuses’ Discord Server, we haven’t heard much of pro esports reaching down into the universities. The Cloud 9 Collegiate Series aims to do just that and more. Starting in November, the new event covers the gamut of college esports. On Nov 5th, like EG they are creating a Discord specifically for collegiate purposes. If it’s anything like similar ventures, the C9 University Discord will provide career resources, host talks and seminars on esports careers, and more. Also in November, C9 hosts a number of panels on the back end of esports. These talks feature information on how to apply for and run various jobs in an esports organization. They’ll run these on the official C9 Twitch channel.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Cloud 9 Collegiate Series is the Colligate Fireside. According to their announcement, member schools get a C9 Mentor for November and December. This mentor works directly with a school’s esports program and also helps them build resumes, host panels, and create content.

But The Games!

Obviously, there can’t be much talk about esports without video games. That’s where the Intercollegiate Tournament and Training Grounds come in. For C9, December will play host to a League of Legends bracket for bragging rights. While no specific date is laid out we anticipate information coming in the next few weeks. However, the most value for a college-level player seems to be the Training Grounds. C9 will host an “online training camp experience”, where high school and college players essentially participate in a combine. There will be a separate Discord server specifically for this event as well.

Outside of the college Discord, no dates have been given for the new programs.


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