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Jamestown Community College Enters the Scene

By Ruben Osterling SUNY Jamestown Community College in Olean, New York finally joins the competitive gaming realm. Their new esports program made its mark on campus with a state of the art stadium. With a practice room, offices for coaches, and balcony seating for spectators, the stadium was serious business for the school. They also partnered with Esport Supply, the official technology partner of the National Association of Collegiate Esports, to complete the stadium. Dozens of gaming computers, massive television screens, and cushy gaming chairs furnish it. The stadium was impressive, but their first esports coach took them to the next level.  The Man Behind the Curtain They hired Chris Sawnson to be the head coach for their new National Junior College Athletic Association-sanctioned Jayhawks athletic team. He was previously the head coach of Edinboro (PA) University’s eSports program for two years. Before that, Swanson competed in Call of Duty tournaments. He understands esports as a player and mentor. A quote he lives by is, “Winning is teaching, losing is learning.”  With this humble mentality, being an avid gamer, and known as a well-respected coach, Swanson is confident in his new position.  If students are interested in joining JCC’s eSports team, they can contact him at [email protected]

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