The Fall 2020 semester is upon us and there’s a big player that’s been silent until now. The college esports wing of Activision/Blizzard, Tespa, finally announced their plans for the coming season. The game publisher/developer laid out plans for collegiate Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. For Overwatch and Hearthstone, they’ll have both club and varsity tournaments. While College CoD will field only club competitions.

Call Of Duty

CoD’s pro season may be over but that doesn’t mean the drop shots stop in the Fall. Activision’s two esports club brackets have two very different play styles. The first is a best-of-three, Duos tournament with a double-elimination style bracket. Teams must be from the same school and can provide a substitute as well. It will be a quick turn around as well. There will only be three weeks of play followed by a playoff bracket in mid-October.

The second event is a more traditional squad-based event, that emulates the Call of Duty League. Teams of five will climb the ranks in another three-week event culminating in November. Neither of these competitions are varsity so it’s possible to have more than one representative per school. Also falling in line with competitive CoD both competitions are controllers only. It is currently unknown if there are any plans for a varsity college CoD bracket.


Hearthstone is consistently one of the most widely played esports at the collegiate level. So it’s no shock to see that its Varsity Division is returning for 2020. This level of competition is only available to officially sanctioned varsity teams. So if you want a crack at the $12k scholarship pool, you’ll have to make the cut at a school with an established program.

For those not in a varsity side, or at a school that doesn’t provide esports, there’s the Open Division. These two-region (east and west) open tournaments culminate in an eight-team single-elimination bracket where the winner takes the lion’s share of a $24k prize pool.


Overwatch has the same two-pronged approach with both open and varsity events. However, Blizzard has two splits for their $30k Open Division they call the “Preseason Split”. Same as all their other competitions, teams will meet in three-week competitions with a final playoff week. After Split 1 ends on October 25th, there’s a short break, and Split 2 picks up on November 1st.

Lastly, the Varsity Overwatch series starts this month and runs until December 12th. Like Hearthstone this is only available to registered varsity programs. If you want more information on how to register, you can hit the Tespa Discord channel. Registration for all events is now open.


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