Thom Badinger Hypes You Up For College Rocket League

Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) is one of the most exciting things happening in college esports right now. It’s one of the most casual esports to get into and watch and it’s currently free to play. The game is now seeing a massive boom in its pro scenes and growing interest in the college brackets. It’s a great watch even for casuals and much of that credit goes to the desk and casting team. We talked to the host of the CRL Twitch broadcast, Thom Badinger aka FDot, about what it’s been like seeing the game grow.

College Rocket League is Surging On Twitch | College Esports

Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) is one of the most exciting things happening in college esports right now. It’s one of the most casual esports to get into and…

An Injection Of Life (For Free)

Since the beginning of the semester, Collegiate Rocket League has pulled in an average of 30k viewers. That level of consistency and high-level play are reasons why Rocket League seems to be growing. We asked Badiger about why he thinks the game is surging on Twitch right now.

I think a lot of people have been either looking at games for the first time because of COVID world and everything or even just continuing to Rocket League been around for a while. You probably know a friend that plays Rocket League and now, you know, kind of doubling down and looking at collegiate support, like why the college scene in particular? I think it’s just the right kind of atmosphere, you know, college and sports and everything. Again, know it kind of just hits all those intersections at once. And, you know, when the stars align there.

Thom Badinger – CRL Main Host

Badinger also said you can’t ignore the ability to play the game for free. Most of the world’s top esports are indeed free to play, with players paying only for special skins. In the case of Rocket League, players can pay for all their cosmetic items like skins, car accessories, and goal explosions.

Top Squads

The CRL Eastern division has aggressive, dominant teams and the Western division has a more “anyone can win any week” feeling to it. When talking about some of the top teams in CRL, it’s hard to ignore Northwood University. This season they’ve been dominant and are currently undefeated. Thom echoed the sentiment.

…although Northwood is like sitting pretty on that throne and I think it’ll take something very special, kind of like topple them from the de facto number one team overall in the league. I think once you look towards two, three, four, five. All of a sudden that level kind of levels out. Whereas when you look at the Western Conference and you look at all the teams in Texas, you look at the (Oregon) Ducks and everything, it is a more aggregate, more excuse me, a more concise league, almost, if you will.

Thom Badinger on CRL Top Teams

Check out our entire conversation with FDot below! And make sure you tune into CRL every Tuesday & Wednesday night on the official Rocket League Twitch Channel!


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