The University of California – Irvine continues to be one of the top esports schools in the country. Not only for its level of play but also for its emphasis on player/student wellness. This more holistic approach to esports created a template that many universities across America emulated. UCI innovated once more with the addition of a new assistant coach for their Overwatch team. But he shares his expertise from the other side of the country. Michael Kuhns isn’t in California at all but in Florida. He coaches 100% remotely, something that might become all too common in a post-COVID world.

The Man On The Zoom Call

With the Overwatch Varsity Series in full swing, we got a chance to sit down with Kuhns to talk about UCI’s chances based on their grouping. They currently sit atop Group 1 with the likes of Fresno State, Boise State, and the ascendant Northwood University. When we asked Kuhns about their seeding he was mostly positive about their opposition.

We like our group right now. We have Northwood in our group, and that’s one that we’re going to have to prepare for a bit. But everyone else, we respect them, but we believe that we’re the better team. So I like where we’re standing right now in our group… Yeah. For sure. We’re happy with our group. There are more challenging groups out there. So we’re happy with where we are. But also, it’s not an excuse to slack.

UCI’s Overwatch Assistant Coach Michael Kuhns

You can check out the entire interview with Coach Michael Kuhns and more Checkpoint On Campus below!


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