After a few days of deep digging and research, our crack team here at Checkpoint XP was able to get the full brackets for the Overwatch Varsity Series. This is one of the top brackets for College Overwatch and is second to the only the new Overwatch Collegiate Championships. Both events come from TESPA, Blizzard’s official college competition organization. The interesting thing about the Overwatch Varsity Series is the groupings. For some reason, outside of Rocket League, college esports events often aren’t grouped by region. But here there are some loose geographical groupings that help give regional context to the teams. The top 4 teams in each group will qualify for the playoffs and the bottom 4 will have to participate in a play-in tournament. After that, the top 4 teams from the play-in go to the post-season bracket, making a total of 20 teams in the playoffs.

The competition is already underway so lets take a look at each group.

Group 1 – California + Boise/Northwood

  • UC-Irvine
  • Northwood
  • Boise State
  • Southern California
  • Fresno State
  • Cal
  • UCLA
  • BYE

So far the dominant teams here look like Irvine and Northwood. While Boise has performed in other brackets it’s going to be tough for any teams to top them for 1 and 2. UCLA is already on the hot seat by going 0-2 in their first to matches, they will have to step up this weekend.

Group 2 – Texas and The Rockies

  • Texas – Arlington
  • Utah
  • Texas A&M – San Antonio
  • North Texas
  • Central Oklahoma
  • UT Dallas
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Hawkeye Community College

This group has a surprise performer out of Hawkeye Community College, they are currently 3rd. Because of maths, and strength of opponent, Utah and UT Dallas are ranked higher than Hawkeye CC. All three are currently 2-0 and, if the results hold, UT Dallas could be the only Texas school that makes the post-season proper.

Group 3 – Midwest

  • Miami (OH)
  • Akron
  • Illinois Wesleyan
  • Illinois State
  • Mizzou
  • Maryville
  • Ohio State
  • BYE

Expect Maryville to dominate.

Group 4 – East Coast and South

  • Full Sail University
  • Northeastern
  • Kent State
  • HU Storm (Harrisburg)
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of South Carolina
  • George Mason University
  • Ohio Northern

Group 4 also has a couple of clear cut favorites. Harrisburg and Northeastern are two teams that could walk away from the group only losing to each other. And while South Carolina and Ohio Northern are also 2-0, neither team looks as dominant as HU or Northeastern.

The next round of play starts tomorrow (October 17th). There’s no mainstream so you’ll have to check and see if your favorite school is online. We’ll be following the results as closely as we can to make sure we bring you the results with our next update!


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