We got a chance to sit down with a friend of the show, Coach Adam Antor of Aquinas College. In our conversation, we touched on a few hot button issues at the top of students’ minds. Like how are schools planning to handle the return to campus? Not even esports can escape the massive national conversation around the return to school this fall. Coach Antor was very candid in his conversation with us. Here are a few takeaways from our talk.

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In-Person Is Still Best, Even For Esports

Right out of the gate, we wondered what it’s like having to coach remotely. As we all get used to the new normal of working from home a lot more, so too are esports athletes. With so many variables that can affect a player’s ability to participate, Antor told us that he’s finding it hard to connect in the same way.

University Regulations For COVID

Another bit of insight we got from Antor are some of the steps schools are taking to ensure the health of students. COVID literature, socially distanced classrooms, and available testing are just some of the things he says Aquinas is providing.

It must be noted that Aquinas College is a private institution. Some of what is provided by the university would be exponentially harder and more costly at a big public university. This is part of what makes the idea of returning kids to campus seems so harrowing. But if schools are taking the same approach that Aquinas is, it may give parents and students a bit of comfort.

Live Events Are Over For 2020

At the onset of the Pandemic, almost no one foresaw that America would have record numbers deep into July and August. And as of August 28th, roughly 1 in every 56 people have tested positive for the virus. With only the faintest of signs of slowing down, esports is forced to think long and hard about the value of live events. Traditional sports have moved into “bubbles” or closed their doors to fans. But the live event in esports was really starting to make waves in the US on a massive scale. We asked Adam Antor how he felt about LANs and live events returning for the Fall 2020 season.


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