In perhaps the most controversial Pokemon announcement ever, Game Freak revealed Pokemon Unite. Instead of the next installment of the RPG games, Unite is a MOBA. That’s right! Pokemon is going to the Rift! Well not exactly, but the concept of a DOTA 2 style Pokemon game is baffling to some. It caused a wave of negative reaction from Poke-fans, mostly because they expected a Diamond/Pearl remaster. Norris and Jacob react to the game and give their take on if it could be a blessing in disguise.

Is It That Bad?

Norris shared with a hot take or two about the series and why its fans are so upset with Pokemon Unite.

Think about how awesome this could be. They can add in new Pokemon came on to this for til time immemorial, like they will be around forever. And that’s the part I don’t understand. You know what this is? This is because Pokemon and this is I don’t care how people feel about this. Pokemon is a training wheels RPG that people who are not very good at video games really like Pokemon. Because that’s the only type of RPG they can play. And playing a MOBA would force them to learn something like mechanics.


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