The crew recap the finals of College Call of Duty (College CoD) where Concord University took on Texas A&M. We also bring in three members of the Michigan Esports Conference to talk about why conferencing is so important to college esports. That and much more on this week’s episode. 

College CoD Craziness

The College Call of Duty (College CoD) season concluded with a barnstormer of a match between Concord University and Texas A&M. The two schools were far and away from the best teams over the season and finally clashed in the finals. Concord was able to move out of the loser’s bracket and force a reset against A&M. But the Aggies were too strong and eventually closed out the series. We talk about some of the top plays and players from this wonderful final.

Much Ado About Conferences?

Three members of the Michigan Esports Conference join us to talk about why it’s so important to further organize collegiate esports. We talk about the birth of the conference and how it helps students with work/play balance. We also dive deep into what could happen if the NCAA decided to establish esports conferences.

Steam Sale For the Broke Student

The most profitable piece of content ever made, GTA V, is free on the Epic Store. With such a massive game now free for the rest of the month, it got our wheels turning. We here at Checkpoint XP understand that being a student isn’t always the most lucrative lifestyle. So we scoured the inter-webs for the best games under $30 that could get you through self-isolation. We talk a look at sales from Steam and the

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