The University of Utah Still Dominates Overwatch

The Overwatch Collegiate Cup is already half over and Utah won three of the 4 weeks so far. They’ve only dropped one map and drawn one in the entire three weeks they’ve played and show no signs of slowing down. What’s contributing to their success in the tournament? Jacob Brothers breaks it down for you. We also examine why UNLV’s been the only team playing to Utah’s level and if they are relying too heavily on one player.

Wayne State’s New Gamer Gathering Place

Wayne State University’s in Detroit is opening a new esports and gaming lounge in their Student Center. Their Student Center Director, Andrea Gerber and Head of Desktop Engineering, Curtis Kratt, talk to us about their vision for esports on their campus. The facility would be the first of its kind within the city of Detroit. And we ask if varsity esports is something Wayne State sees in its future.

Does Fortnite Have An Age Problem?

With Valorant on the horizon, almost no game lost as many viewers as Fortnite. High schools and colleges all over North America are setting up for Fortnite leagues in the Fall, but is it too late for a true competitive scene for the game? With no rumors for any formalized competition in 2020, the game finds itself at a crossroads. Especially now that there’s talk in the community of raising the competitive age to 18.

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