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This week on Checkpoint XP On Campus: We talk to Mississippi State Valorant player, MEDC, about how college teams are exploring Riot’s new game. We also brea…

We talk to Mississippi State Valorant player, Joshua “MEDC” Chumney, about how college teams are exploring Riot’s new game. We also breakdown Week 5 of the Overwatch Collegiate Cup and Las Vegas’ letting it ride on esports with an expansion of games to bet on. That and more on the first Norris-less episode of CheckpointXP On Campus!

MEDC and Mississippi State

We bring in Mississippi State’s MEDC to talk about Valorant. Riot’s new tactical shooter has taken the world by storm but most players cant even access the game. How will college’s start scrims on a game that’s still in closed beta? Is it even too early to discuss Valorant esports in college? Hopefully we get some answers.

Even more Gamblin’?

Las Vegas gave the green light to betting on CS:Go earlier this month. Now, they’ve doubled down on esports announcing sportsbooks for League of Legends, Overwatch and more. Is this the direction esports needs to take to grow? Or should the gaming industry let it ride on esports or try not to associate with gambling? Lets see how the crew feels about it!

Is Utah The Best College OW Team In The Country?

Utah rolled over UT Dallas and once again took a bracket during the Overwatch Collegiate Cup. Is it time to start talking about them as one of the best OW teams in the country? Can UNLV perform better and recapture the heights from Week 3? Also, how good is UT Dallas?

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