Houston Outlaws Sign Joobi, 1st College Player in OWL

The Houston Outlaws have made an unprecedented roster move in the Overwatch League this week. They continue to build out their roster for the Overwatch League 2021 season with the addition of Enrique “Joobi” Triana. Joobi formerly played support for Harrisburg University. But now he’s the first player ever to make the jump from college to the Overwatch League.

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Our eyes are on the future and the Outlaws have gone back-to-school for our next recruit. Please give a Texas-sized welcome to @JoobiVEVO, the first-ever collegiate player to go pro in Overwatch! #AnteUp*Pending League Approval pic.twitter.com/ugKbak657P

A Move For The Future?

The Outlaws held open trials for the 2021 roster which included pros, contenders and anyone with a high enough ranking. Co-Head Coach Harsha “Harsha” Bandi commented on what made Joobi stand out. “Joobi is a really fresh player who can grow a lot through this season. But he also communicates like a veteran and can keep the team on the same page. He will fit in well with the rest of our team as they all come from diverse backgrounds including Contenders overseas and within OWL itself”.

The Houston Outlaws new roster has mix of Overwatch League veterans and some new additions from Contenders. Co-Head Coach Jaewon “Junkbuck” Choi also praised Joobi, “He will be the connecting bridge between different players to play better and enable our team to perform.”

A Sign Of Things To Come?

This is a big step forward for college esports players, who commonly don’t have a clear path to the pros. Due to the young age at which players normally become stars, college isn’t an option. When you’re hitting thousands of viewers on Twitch or looking at contracts before your 18th birthday, homework is the last thing on your mind.

As a result, it’s common for collegiate esports to join teams as a hobby or for scholarship purposes. While some may have dreams of joining the pros, it’s never become a reality until now with Joobi. With more high schools and colleges investing in their esports scene, Joobi will not be the last.

In regards to Joobi being the first collegiate esports player to join a pro team the Houston Outlaw’s GM Matt Iorio said, “It’s crucial to the health of the scene to support the next generation of Overwatch players. Elevating Joobi to OWL from Collegiate marks an unprecedented moment in the League’s history. It allows the Outlaws to look to the future and become a team that can help players develop their talent and reach their potential.”

Check out Norris Howard’s conversation with Joobi on becoming a pro!

Houston Outlaws Announce “Joobi” Signing, First College Player To Go Pro in Overwatch

After an amazing run at his college as a collegiate Overwatch player, the Houston Outlaws have signed Joobi as their newest player to compete in the Overwatc…

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