Phasmophobia: The latest game taking Twitch by storm

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Just when you thought you had finally gotten the hang of Among Us, along comes a title just in time for Spooktober with all the ghosts and heart-racing horror you could hope for. Phasmophobia has already gained 74 thousand followers on Twitch as streamers quickly have tried to jump on this game before it blows up your social feeds with memes aplenty. Out of the loop on this online co-op horror game? Don’t worry, let’s break it down for you now.

What Is Phasmophobia? How Do I Play Phasmophobia? – TLDR

Just when you thought you had finally gotten the hang of Among Us, along comes a title just in time for Spooktober with all the ghosts and heart racing horro…

Why phasmophobia? Well, it simply means the fear of ghosts. And that’s exactly what you’re going to be dealing with the entirety of this game. In the game, you and three other team members are ghost hunters. Your goal is to search through haunted places to hopefully not meet your untimely death. You’ll need to gather as much evidence as you can. Like any good ghost hunting team, you’ve got tons of equipment to try and put proof behind your hauntings. However, if you want to be a scaredy-cat, you can also stay behind in the truck and monitor your teammates’ progress with some cameras. Or you can be a horrible colleague and increase the amount of ghost activity your friends encounter.

Yes, this game is still in Early Access on Steam. However, there are plenty of awesome features that the game already has. The biggest draw is that this game can be played in VR or non-VR, so if you do have a fancy headset and want to cry very loudly, this game is right up your alley. And even spookier? This game has full voice recognition, so you can use your actual voice to interact with ghosts through Spirit Boxes or Ouija Boards if you’re old school. 

Planned for release in 2021, you can pick up the early access version for under $15 bucks. The price will increase once the full version is released according to the developers, so you should jump on the lower price now. To play the game you just need to pay the small price tag on Steam and to play with friends, have a stable internet connection. Compare and get fibre broadband for the best gaming and streaming experience.

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