Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Announced – What To Expect

Minecraft Live went live this weekend with some major announcements for fans. This was the first look at some of the many new updates coming to Minecraft, including cross-platform plat and some DLC chapters to Minecraft Dungeons. The biggest showstopper, of course, was the newest Caves & Cliffs update. This update will feature updated biomes, and new blocks, and mobs.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

Minecraft Live: Caves & Cliffs – First Look

It’s here! The Cave Update! But we named it something else! Here is your first look at the Caves & Cliffs Update that we presented at Minecraft Live. Watch i…

New Biomes


The updated mountain biomes will be larger and much more difficult to climb. More snow will cover the ground, with the addition of powdered snow, which looks like normal snow, but if stepped on, you will fall through.


Finding caves will be even more exciting, with these underground dwellings having their own ecosystems. You could stumble upon the beautiful lush caves or the menacing dripstone caves, each with their own unique challenges and discoveries.

New Blocks


For those who have played Minecraft mods, Copper isn’t something completely new to you, however it is new to Bedrock Minecraft players. This will be one of the first items added to Minecraft to have an ‘aging’ element. The longer you play the game, items made from copper will slowly turn more and more green.

Crystal Geodes

New crystals and geodes will be found in caves to be mined and used for crafting materials.

Sculk Block

These mysterious blocks will be found in the deepest, darkest areas of caves. When you go near them, they will give off an eerie noise that could attract unwanted guests.

New Mobs


Last year’s community winner, the goats will arrive in Minecraft. Found in the mountains, these mischievous guys can easily hop up mountains. But, get too close to one, they might just headbutt you back down.


By far, the cutest addition to Minecraft is the Axolotl. You’ll want to swim around all day with these adorable creatures, and you’ll even be able to catch them in buckets.


Not all additions to Caves & Cliffs are cute and cuddly. The wardens are anything but that. The warden is a creature that lurks in the deep dark of caves. These creatures are blind, but incredibly dangerous. You’ll want to be smart and sneak around these creatures, using everything in your arsenal to lure them away from you.

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