Chris Greeley, LCS Commissioner of Riot Games - LCS Arena, Los Angeles, CA - June 8, 2019 (Photo by Christine Solis / Checkpoint XP)

The college esports space is huge, and unfortunately, unorganized. There is a multitude of college conferences, organizers, and events that make up the college scene. With so many variables, it made college esports notoriously hard to follow. But Riot Games and League of Legends are keenly aware of this and created their official “CLOL” tournament for college. But the LCS, League’s North American pro division, wants to take it a step further. LCS Commissioner, Chris Greeley, spoke with us about how the Riot Games are looking to bring amateur League of Legends under their umbrella.

A New Look For League’s Lower Divisions

Our On Campus host, Norris Howard, asked about what it means for the LCS to oversee all levels of League.

We’ve seen some folks go from academy to college. We’ve had some coaches come out of the college scene as well. But that that tie together has just never been particularly tight. So by moving those scholastic programs over under the LCS, what we’re hoping to do is continue to build a really cohesive system…

We’re not trying to emulate, basketball or football, where you go from high school to college to academy to the LCS. We think there’s a lot of different routes for folks who want to play. For folks who want to work in Esports, want to be coaches or analysts or come work in the front office and do the operational and business stuff.

So we want to create really well-defined paths where you have decision points…When you come out of high school and start to hit the age where you can you can make it into academy, that you can go to college, you can go to amateur programs. You can look to get picked up even out of an amateur program, potentially by a college. It’s a full ecosystem that I don’t think in the past we’ve done a great job of treating as a full, cohesive, competitive ecosystem. And we really want a change that.

Chris Greeley, LCS Commissioner


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