As the world of esports continues to grow the issue of representation continues to spread as well. With more and more universities investing in esports, Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) lag behind in esports. But Professor John Cash and Johnson C Smith University are trying to change all that. Professor Cash joined Norris Howard for a conversation about JCSU’s decision to make not just an esports team, but also a minor degree program. When asked about what a minor in esports looks like at JCSU, Cash exclaimed that it extended far beyond gameplay.

We want to ensure that we’re developing individuals who have the knowledge and background to work within the Esport ecosystem. Be it developers/publishers, game management programs, media contacts, i.e. CheckpointXP or any of those areas. And of course, critical is having a robust internship program.

So that’s what we’re preparing our students for. And then subsequently, we’re also going to be looking at web design and software engineering concepts in our computer science program. So, again, the goal is ensuring that we are preparing students. And I think is key to understand, Norris. We have been developing relationships in the ecosystem because I want to know from industry leaders what they are looking for in students. And then I take that information and incorporate it into the coursework.

Professor John Cash on what as well-rounded esports program looks like.

Johnson C Smith University is aiming to start the esports program in earnest this fall and hopes to compete in multiple esports as well.


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