Arguably the two best college Overwatch teams in North America duked it out over the weekend in the TESPA Grand Finals. Harrisburg University was in revenge-mode after dropping the last meeting to Maryville, and boy did they get it in spades.

This season Harrisburg University added in DPS Elijah Hudson “Elk” Gallagher and coach Joe “Joemeister” Gramano. The duo are both former Overwatch League players coming out of the Philly Fusion. It was only a matter of time before HU started to gel with that level of experience in the side. Harrisburg went on to win 3-0 and outside of a slightly cold start on Busan, never looked out of control. Elk was able to dominate the DPS battle and even got play of the game on the first map. But one another one of the stars was HU’s main tank Here was Jacob’s take on what made HU so dominant in the final.

Well, part of that is probably the double shield meta. But also on top of that, Harrisburg just has the better setup. And you have to wonder if Maryville is just a little too used to being on top. You know, if that’s like a storyline they could spin out of this. Because Maryville doesn’t play very many elite schools, if we’re gonna be honest here. Like, they washed Utah and Utah washed everybody else. So Maryville doesn’t really deal with great Overwatch teams. So they in Harrisburg has kind of dropped a bomb on him. You could see the panic.

Jacob on Maryville’s Hubris?


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