Ubisoft and FACEIT are joining forces to bring an official collegiate Rainbow Six Siege tournament to North American campuses. Rainbow Six’s thriving community is being rewarded with even more support from its developer.

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In a blog post to their official site, Ubisoft broke down the two-tiered system for their season. The big draw will more than likely be the Championship League. It’s restricted to only one team per school that has a $30k + Merch Grand Prize involved. But the second tier is where you might see the real growth. The Recreational League opens play up to basically as many players as a school can muster. They’ll compete in Swiss-bracket style regional conferences before meeting in an online, week-long tournament. This creates a whole new path for collegiate Rainbow Six players, as good performances in the Rec league could lead to opportunity in a varsity program.

Norris shared his thoughts on the schedule is beneficial to the community and the developer.

.one cool thing that I really like about this is I like the format of having a pre-season in the fall, gearing up for the 2021 winter semester and winter season. Because let’s just be reality here. COVID has made everything weird for the rest of the year. Nobody really knows how many people are going to be back on campus. Nobody knows, you know, what the future of collegiate esports really is looking like. And I think by doing something like this, you give everybody a little bit of time to at least understand what their, sort of, Internet ecosystem is going to look like for their collegiate Esports. And as well as Ubisoft and Rainbow Six, give them a little bit of time to figure everything out. So when you have this season, you’ve worked everything how you’ve encounter issues already and you kind of know what’s coming up.


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