Clemson is one of the most recognizable sports schools in the US so having an esports team was inevitable. However, they are still only a club sport and do not have varsity recognition from the university. One person trying to change that as soon as possible is Jared Montgomery. He’s a marketing major at Clemson that got involved with the esports club as their head of partnerships. Right out of the gate we asked about how he made a lane for himself as a non-player at Clemson.

A New Path To Esports

We asked Montgomery what it was like getting into that position and just what a head of partnerships does. Noticing a void in the expertise of the club, Montgomery stepped up and claimed the position.

So before I was even officially in the club, Clemson Esports is technically a club on campus. But before I was even a past president, there was Bobby. He did everything for the club. So when he graduated, people were scrambling to fill his shoes because he was awesome. And one of the things he did really well reached out to these different companies and secure like prizing and sponsorships for our club. And when the new officers came in, they had like five new officers, like President, Community Head, Competitive Head, Event Coordinator, all that stuff. They didn’t have anybody that knew how to reach out and do marketing type stuff. And so I was marketing major. I was like, that’s me. All right, get me in there. And so they brought me on, like, immediately. And so, yeah, that’s been kind of my role since then. I’ve taken on a lot of other responsibilities besides doing and finding partnerships. But yeah, that’s where that all stemmed from.

– Montgomery on Being a Marketing Student in Esports.

Montgomery is another example of the many career paths that esports provides. Its much more than just getting good at video games. Its an entire industry that requires a multitude of skills and disciplines to run effectively. So the next time your kid or sibling says they want to get into esports, your response should be “what part of it?”.