CheckpointXP On Campus returns with even more college esports news. This week we talk about some of the top matches in League of Legends with Jacob Brothers. We also break down why the state of Kentucky is banning Fortnite from High Schools esports and a special interview with Aquinas College’s new star Overwatch player Skol! That and more on this week’s CheckpointXP On Campus!

It’s another round of esports stories for you this week in Checkpoint XP: On Campus! Thank you so much for your continued support of our show! Here’s what you missed on the latest episode: 


Despite our report last week on Fortnite becoming a varsity sport for high schools across the country, and even some colleges, the state of Kentucky has elected not to be a party to any of it. According to representatives in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, they are refraining from adopting Fortnite as a sport, citing their reasoning as not wanting to use any game in varsity programs that depicted gun violence in any way. Despite this, Kentucky still allows League of Legends in their varsity programs, but reasons that since the guns featured in that game are tantamount to “cartoon” violence, it is permissible, and since Fortnite is a dedicated shooter, it is not appropriate. In response to this decision, PlayVS CEO has stated that since Fortnite is a “club esport,” rulings on the game do not fall into the jurisdiction of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. 

To see what the crew out at the UNLV studios think of this decision, and how it may affect opportunities for college Fortnite players, check out the full segment on the latest Checkpoint XP On Campus!


Activision/Blizzard has announced that in response to the viral coronavirus outbreak in China, that the Overwatch League will not conduct any of their scheduled matches in the region until March. A total of 27 total matches for Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Chengdu will no longer take place due to concerns of the highly contagious virus. This is concerning for the OWL as this is the first season they are implementing home and away series, where games are actually played in a team’s host city, and to have nearly 30 matches be cancelled could potentially be a blow to the overall success of the league. 

To see how the coronavirus could affect the collegiate esports scene, check out the complete story on Checkpoint XP On Campus


Norris sits down with members of the Aquinas esports team in an interview you can only see on this week’s episode of Checkpoint XP On Campus! 

Check out what the folks from Aquinas had to say!


Keeping up with our weekly updates, Jacob is here with another report on College League, breaking down matches between Nevada and Hawaii, as well as Maryville and Columbia College.

For Jacob’s full analysis, dial the latest iteration of Checkpoint XP On Campus!

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