This week on CheckpointXP On-Campus: Norris, Ethan and Jacob talk about why Thomas College in Maine cities “terroism” and “bombings” as reasons to not have CS:GO in their esports program. Cornell opens an esports space, and Jacob breaks down some of the top teams in the Overwatch Varsity Series. We also have one of our editors, Kevin Kelly, sit-in and talk about the leadership saga at Optic Gaming/Immortals. That and so much more on Checkpoint XP On-Campus!

  • Maryville University competed in the League of Legends International College Cup 2019 in Hong Kong
  • HyperX Sponsoring Collegiate StarLeague
  • Interview with Fahzix, Former OWL pro for Washington Justice
  • Oakland University announces D1 Varsity Collegiate Esports team, first one in Michigan

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