Esports Program Profile: Bethel University

Bethel University esports is a relatively new contender, offering a varsity esports program that launched last year. The program offers four popular esports titles, including League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rocket League. 

Skilled players from Bethel University participate in various collegiate and national gaming tournaments through Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC), Great Lakes Esports Conference (GLEC), and Crossroads League Athletic Conference.

The university worked closely with the student body to design the varsity esports program, which launched in Fall 2020 with multiple teams of skilled esports recruits. Bethel University plans to expand its current lineup of esports offerings and conduct more local and national tournaments at its popular gaming arena.

Varsity & Club Gaming

Bethel University offers a healthy mix of varsity and club styles of gaming to cater to all kinds of students and gamers at the institution. The gaming club at Bethel University offers students a chance to participate in multiple 1v1 gaming competitions for popular titles like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. 

The club environment at Bethel promotes a sense of community among the student gamers. The club meets every week and aims to enrich the authentic Bethel experience for all students at the university. The club is also a good way for the varsity segment of Bethel esports to recruit skilled players for its different esports teams.

Bendix Esports Arena

To deliver a premium esports experience to its students, Bethel University has a partnership with the Bendix Esports Arena, which is one of the largest esports facilities in Indiana. The gaming arena comes equipped with state-of-the-art computing equipment and accessories to make the gaming experience comfortable for gamers.

Bethel University regularly conducts local and national collegiate esports matches at the gaming facility. As the pandemic public health situation improves, the university is expected to hold local and national level gaming tournaments and developer championships at the Bendix esports arena.

Shining Bright

The inaugural season has seen esports teams from Bethel University winning multiple local and national esports matches against some of the best varsity teams in the country. The 2020-21 season started with the Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Overwatch teams scoring wins against Stockton University and Tiffin University, respectively.

More recently, the Rocket League team from Bethel managed to finish its spring season by winning 3-2 against Manchester University in the GLEC (Great Lakes Esports Conference) tournament. Similarly, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate team maintained its seasonal winning streak by scoring two back-to-back victories against Post University and the State University of New York at Canton in the ECAC (Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference) spring tournament.

Be a Bethel Pilot Today!

Although the esports program at Bethel is relatively new, it is a good choice for students interested in pursuing esports in a healthy gaming environment. The attractive esports titles, excellent gaming arena, multiple scholarships, and various esports opportunities make this esports program a highly desirable option for potential young recruits.You can read more about Bethel University and its esports program at Looking for Group. Visit the official website of Bethel University here to learn more about the campus and undergraduate programs. You can apply for the varsity program through the Bethel University Pilots website.

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