The dynamic duo of Robbie Landis and Ben Morse is back once again for another episode of the Other Identity. The Other Identity is a podcast about exploring the culture created by comic books. This week Robbie and Ben dive into the news bag and make their way through some of the biggest headlines from the past month. Plus, rumors are starting to swirl about who will be a part of the next wave of Avengers in the MCU. Which heroes are poised to be in Avengers 5?

Live Action Dominates the Headlines

Robbie and Ben dive into all of the biggest headlines from the past week. Most of which are centered on some sort of live-action production. One of the biggest comes as a surprise to both of them as Michael Keaton is announced to play Batman again. This time he won’t be donning the cape and cowl for a movie. Instead, he will be playing an older Bruce Wayne in an HBO production of Batman Beyond. The Snyder Cut continues to vex Robbie and Ben as it announces two new additions. Jared Leto’s Joker and Joe Manganiello Deathstroke join the re-cut. On the Marvel side of things, Shangi-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings wraps filming. Spider-Man 3 also starts filming with Tom Holland. Plus, rumors mount that Oscar Isaac may be playing Moon Knight in the Disney Plus series.

Who Are The New Avengers?

The meat of the show comes off the rumor of who may be in the next installment of the Avengers. We’re likely still many years away from whatever Avengers 5 could be. But that hasn’t stopped some industry insiders and leakers from releasing who they heard will be on the team. Will Captain Marvel lead the New Avengers in place of Steve Rogers? Or will Sam Wilsom take up the stars and stripes to lead a younger generation of heroes? Will Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch survive the Multiverse of Madness to join their ranks? Could Shuri take up the mantle of the Black Panther? Robbie and Ben tackle all the possibilities while discussing what the next roster of Avengers could look like.

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