Since the acquisition of Fox by Disney fans have been rabid about the potential introduction of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the snap to the blip to Wanda’s hex, there is no shortage of theories on how Marvel can introduce an entirely new kind of hero (and villains).

The best theories don’t involve mutants just popping up one day because of a large-scale event, if mutants are just ‘created’ suddenly it betrays one of the most essential traits of being a mutant. Mutants are born, they aren’t just made like a Super Soldier, it’s not a choice but a part of who they are as people.

The secret behind the introduction of the X-Men can be found in Deadpool, where Ajax explains that in order to activate an X-Gene the subject must go through some sort of traumatic experience. That could vary from person to person, but the basis suggests that while a mass event like the snap or hex could activate large amounts of mutants at once, some mutants could also already exist in the world.

With that in mind, here are five mutants the Marvel Cinematic Universe could introduce over the course of Phase 4 and 5 leading up to an X-Men movie in a similar fashion that the first Avengers movie came together.

Magik (Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness)

Ilyanna Rasputin, otherwise known as Magik is the younger sister of Colossus, who readers likely recognize from Deadpool and has served on the X-Men’s main roster in the past. Magik has become a much more prominent figure in recent comics and was even one of the headlining characters in the New Mutant’s movie.

Her mutant powers include stepping discs, which allow her to travel great distances and through time using the realm of Limbo. She’s also a powerful sorceress in her own right and is the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. With Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness opening up the multiverse, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce or hint at Limbo where Magik has been this whole time.

Magik summoning Demons from Limbo to combat the Cotati and Zombies in Empyre: X-Men #2 on Marvel Unlimited.
Magik summoning Demons from Limbo to combat the Cotati and Zombies in Empyre: X-Men #2 on Marvel Unlimited.

It’s been confirmed that Miss America (America Chvez) would be introduced during the Doctor Strange sequel, so it’s not likely that Magik if she appeared would serve a large role. But over the course of this next phase, Marvel just has to drop hints and clues of the mutants to set up the next X-Men.

In the same way that Hawkeye only briefly appeared in the first Thor movie, Magik’s appearance could serve as more of an Easter Egg to hint at the future line-up of mutants.

Rogue (The Marvels)

Anna Marie, or Rogue as most fans of the 90s X-Men: The Animated Series would know her, is another perfect addition to the MCU in a post-X-Men world. Commonly associated with her romance through Gambit, one of the biggest stories of Rogue that would fit perfectly into the upcoming MCU is her first run-in with the Avengers and Carol Danvers.

Before becoming an X-Men, Rogue was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Mystique served as a surrogate mother to her. She was ordered to fight the Avengers and Captain Marvel, through exposed contact during that fight Rogue was able to absorb so much of Captain Marvel’s powers that her flight, strength, and invulnerability became permanent powers of Rogue’s.

Rogue steals Carol Danvers powers in Marvel Super-Heroes #11 (1990) on Marvel Unlimited.
Rogue steals Carol Danvers powers in Marvel Super-Heroes #11 (1990) on Marvel Unlimited.

We’ve seen in Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame that Carol Danvers’ powers are far beyond that of any other hero currently in the MCU. Any potential match-up of her and villains seems trivial and many fans have suggested she should be depowered in some way so she’s not the end-all-be-all solution to anything Thanos level.

Introducing Rogue into The Marvels could serve multiple purposes including; depowering Captain Marvel, which would explain why she needs to call on the aid of the other Marvel women such as Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Photon (Monica Rambeau).

Storm (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

Everyone should know Ororo Monroe, the Mistress of the Storms, the Queen of the Skies, or as she’s been called in several comics, the Weather Goddess. As an orphan, Storm grew up in the streets of Cairo as a thief, but her travels also saw her spend time in both Tanzania and Kenya. There, she used her abilities to help the people by preventing droughts.

The fictional country of Wakanda is located north of these two countries, bordering Kenyan. There is much lore and canon within the comics linking Storm to the home country of the Black Panther, including a romance and marriage between her and T’Challa.

Shuri and Storm share a meal and talk the political consequences in Marauders #13 on Marvel Unlimited.
Shuri and Storm share a meal and talk the political consequences in Marauders #13 on Marvel Unlimited.

At this point, only Ryan Coogler knows what Black Panther: Wakanda Forever truly holds in its script, but I have a theory that the subtitle to the film hints at a story that includes all of the main cast coming together to combat whatever threatens them.

Hearing tales or knowledge of an ex-lover of the King’s who can control the weather could be a very powerful ally. If Atlantis is involved in any way, having someone who could calm the roar of the sea would be an even bigger boon. Whether mentioned in passing or destined to show up on the screen, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would be a great place to plant the seeds of Storm’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wolverine (Madripoor Nights Disney Plus Series)

This next entry isn’t based as much on confirmed or even rumored future projects, but it’s nonetheless a great place to introduce one of the most well-known mutants on the planet to the MCU. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam and Bucky accompanied Baron Zemo to a place called Madripoor.

Located southwest of Singapore, Madripoor has long been connected to the X-Men and to mutants. As a haven for the rich and for the very poor and a lawless location that housed many pirates, it was rife to be used as a safe haven for the downtrodden and displaced, like so many mutants find themselves.

Wolverine Epic Collection #1, Madripoor Nights on Marvel Unlimited.
Wolverine Epic Collection #1, Madripoor Nights on Marvel Unlimited.

So, why would Wolverine of all places be found here? Wolverine is a lot older than most people realize, having been born in Alberta, Canada in 1882. He’s lived through both World Wars and has been through more than enough high-stress experiences to have explained why his X-Gene would have activated. Since amnesia is often a key part of his backstory, Marvel doesn’t need to worry about starting with an origin story.

Where they could start, is with one of his most recent yet famous stories, Madripoor Nights.

Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four)

This will be one of the big ones and is the most likely on this list as it will inextricably link the Fantastic Four to the future introduction of the X-Men. Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, which means there was a high likelihood of him being born with powers.

His powers manifested as reality-altering and Franklin is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in Marvel canon. Taking on the name Powerhouse, Franklin used his god-like powers in many major story-arcs including the Incursion Crisis and the final stand against the alien Cormorant.

Reed and Franklin Richards in Secret Wars #9 on Marvel Unlimited.
Reed and Franklin Richards in Secret Wars #9 on Marvel Unlimited.

What’s really interesting about Franklin, is that his X-Gene is actually due to his powers, which he used to subconsciously manifest it. In the comic books, the more Franklin uses his powers the less powerful he becomes. When he fully depowered, he also lost his X-Gene.

It’s possible that however, Marvel decides to tackle the Fantastic Four and Franklin, all of this could change. After all, in the comics, Hank Pym developed Ultron, not Tony Stark, and the Maximoff Twins were not mutants (though that may end up changing after revelations in WandaVision).

When Will We See The X-Men in the MCU?

When we will finally see the X-Men is anyone’s guess, but if the Marvel movies want to avoid the pitfalls that Fox suffered from their attempts and the original X-Men movies, they can’t rush a team movie. Even DC Comics and Warner Brothers suffered the same fate with Justice League.

The X-Men have one of the largest rosters of characters in all of comic books and it would do them well to set up the mutant side of the MCU using the new apparatus they have in place with both the movies and Disney Plus streaming service. Leading up to an X-Men movie could make it a bigger tent pole event than even the Avengers movie have been in the past.

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