Disney Plus and Marvel’s WandaVision continues to entrance fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest episode follows Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the Wanda and Vision, set to the theme of the Brady Bunch. It focuses on Wanda’s recent and surprising pregnancy. As Vision prepares himself to be a father, Wanda contends with her powers going wild the closer she gets to the baby’s arrival. The two of them must continue their charade of blending into their ideal suburban lives.

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Scarlet Spoilers

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of WandaVision. If you skip to the bottom and listen to the latest episode of The Other Identity, there are only light spoilers. Make sure you watch WandaVision before you continue reading!

The third episode starts off with Wanda and Vision getting a Doctor’s opinion. They attempt to sidestep around the fact that Wanda became pregnant magically, while also trying to get information on what they should expect. Hilarity ensues as Wanda exhibits some slight random loss of control over her powers and Vision attempts to learn more about what it’s going to mean to be a father. They also charmingly argue over whether they’ll name their soon to be son Billy or Tommy.

The episode reaches its high point when it starts to rain inside the Vision residence, signaling that Wanda’s water has broken. Vision races off to the find the doctor. Geraldine comes over to visit Wanda during this who attempts to hide her stomach until she can’t any longer because the baby is coming. Or rather, both babies are. Billy and Tommy are born to a happy couple, but the episode then takes a turn for the dramatic.

While Geraldine and Wanda stare down at the twins, “I had a twin brother,” Wanda says solemnly. Geraldine then mentions that he was killed by Ultron. This begins to shatter Wanda’s world as she notices Geraldine is wearing a SWORD necklace. Meanwhile, Vision see’s the doctor off outside and notices that his neighbors Herb and Agnes are acting strange. They mention that Geraldine doesn’t belong, she’s the only person in the town who doesn’t have a home.

When Vision comes back in Geraldine is gone and Wanda mentions that she has gone home. The episode ends with Geraldine being thrown out of a giant dome, landing beside a Westview sign and quickly surrounded by SWORD vehicles, soldiers and a helicopter.

What does it all mean?

Every time Wanda has had to reset something in her perfect world, more and more cracks start to form. This episode gives us very answers but offers up plenty of new questions.

Are the neighbors actually aware of what is going on? Geraldine was sent in by SWORD, so was she fully aware of what was happening up until that point as well? Perhaps she was sent in to try and reach Wanda and shake her from whatever it is that’s causing this perfect world to exisit. There is some speculation that Agnes is based on the comic character Agatha Harkness. In the comics she’s a magical tutor for Wanda and could potential be one of the forces behind this. It would explain wht Agnes seems to have additional knowledge and awareness of the situation and is always there whenever Wanda goes a little crazy.

The other big addition is the new family dynamic within the Vision residence. Though the two babies, Billy and Tommy, haven’t done much yet they play very large roles in the comics. Eventually they grow up to be two of the Young Avengers, Wiccan and Speed. With Wanda’s pregnancy advancing so fast, will we see the babies grow up quickly a well? In the comics, Vision is eventually forced to confront Wanda about the children not being real which causes a mental break down.

Whether or not any of this will come true is still speculation. Kevin Feige and Marvel are experts at bringing the stories from the comics to life. However, they’re also very skilled at subverting expectations and putting a new spin on the story. Only time will tell. You can watch Marvel’s WandaVision every Friday by signing up for Disney Plus.

The Other Identity

If you want more on WandaVision, the MCU, or comics in general, check out the Other Identity podcast. Each week Robbie Landis and Ben Morse (former Marvel Alumni) dive into various DC Comics and Marvel Comics topics. Everything from the comic book pages to the heroes on the silver screen, the Other Identity celebrates the fan in all of us. Whether a veteran reader or a new fan of the MCU, the show is for everyone.

This week they continue with the impressions of WandaVision thus far, speculating what role the twins may play in coming episodes. They also talk at length about the infamous Snyder Cut version of the Justice League movie, coming soon to HBO Max. Where exactly does all the hate for the Snyder Cut come from? Was Martian Manhunter really planned to be in the original film and could he show up in the Snyder Cut? To find out more make sure you subscribe to download The Other Identity today.

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Feature Image, Screencap from Disney Plus and Marvel’s WandaVision.