As Season 6 winds down for APEX Legends, Respawn has been teasing everything from the new Legend to the new map. With Season 7 nearly here we’ve started to get trailer after trailer. Players have been introduced to the genius new legend, a Scottish astrophysicist, code name ‘Horizon’. We’ve also gotten a peek at the new map Olympus, which is a lush, floating garden city. Both the new Legend and the new map have plenty to get players excited about. Here’s the biggest news out of APEX Legends Season 7.

New Legend: Horizon

As someone who played APEX Legends when it first came out but quit the game shortly after the first battle pass, there were few characters in the game that appealed to me. Compared to a game like Overwatch that has deep lore surrounding their characters, it was hard to get attached to the Legends at the time. Since coming back in Season 5 when they added Loba, Respawn has really stepped up their game when it comes to introducing characters and building out their backgrounds.

Horizon’s debut trailer shows her attempting to help save humanity from an energy crisis in a short very reminiscent of Interstellar. It shows her bravery, her resourcefulness and gives a clear reason as to why she’s fighting. From what we hear and see in the newest map trailer, all of her abilities are gravity-based. Her Tactical Ability tosses out a small device that momentarily suspends enemies in mid-air. Her Ultimate Ability is a black hole that sucks in enemies, likely does damage, and allows you and your team to deal damage as well.

Welcome to Olympus

Respawn and APEX Legends released the trailer for the new map, Olympus. It features Rampart, Mirage, and Pathfinder journeying to the new floating city, lush with vibrant colors and vegetation. It’s a very different look to both King’s Canyon and World’s Edge and should offer a variety of new locations for players to battle in. An interesting fact that most players might not know, is that Olympus is also home to legends Lifeline and Octane. As such, there should be plenty of Easter eggs or references to the characters in certain parts of the map.

One of the biggest changes to the game with the introduction of Olympus is a new vehicle being added. In previous maps, we’ve had giant floating loot ships or trains. However, players had no way of actually controlling these vehicles. They were simply another variable in the map for players to battle on. The new hover car-style addition to Olympus allows one player to drive while the two other squad mates hold onto the side and can keep shooting. It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn handles the balance as additions such as these have caused community strife in other battle royals.

What’s Next?

With Season 7: Ascension, less than a week away the only other trailer we’re waiting on is the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass trailer will feature sizzle real showing off new skins from the legends to the weapons they wield. It should also give us a good look at the new vehicle in action and other interesting parts of the maps. If there are any new weapons or mechanics, such as the Gravity Lifts, that trailer should also feature them.

All in all, since coming back to APEX Legends in Season 5, they’ve been doing everything right to keep my attention and keep me playing. I’m psyched for the new APEX Legends Season 7 and the new Legend and that’s saying a lot as we start the month of a new Console Generation.


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Lead Image courtesy of EA Games