Dead by Daylight Chapter 17 Teaser Trailer Theories

September is right around the corner, which to some just means the beginning of the Fall season, but to Dead by Daylight players, it means the release of a new chapter. And like clockwork, the Dead by Daylight Chapter 17 teaser trailer has just dropped. So, now… let the speculation begin!

Chapter 17 Teaser Trailer

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Something is festering in the Fog. #DeadbyDaylight #DbD

Who Could It Be?

Popular belief is ‘The Alchemist,’ which is showcased during October’s Hallowed Blight event. I can see the correlation between the sounds from the teaser video and the Alchemist video from the event.

Dead by Daylight | The Archives | Alchemist Sequence

The first animated sequence extracted from the game files.

This is all speculation, but the only hint that Dead by Daylight developers gave is the quote ” Something is festering in the fog.” The groaning man in the video seems to have ripped or slit something then dropped something that breaks on the ground that potentially leads to his discomfort or demise. Which my immediate thought is that the sound of the glass breaking is awfully familiar. Could this tie into The Clown? Is this a fellow carnival character? The shadowy figure does look a lot like he could be the strong man or some type of human-creature hybrid.

This wouldn’t be the first time Dead by Daylight related two chapters. We’ve seen this with the Spirit’s Shattered Bloodline chapter and the Oni’s Cursed Legacy chapter.

Outside of this, the trailer doesn’t give us much to go off of. Could it be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation? Perhaps. Could the term “Festering” relate to The Plague’s Demise of the Faithful chapter? Perhaps. The only thing I feel confident in saying is that this is going to be an original character. Those hoping to see The Candyman will be disappointed, as this most likely isn’t his chapter. This is also followed up by the Dead by Daylight theory website, Leaks by Daylight.

I’ll sit back and analyze this for a while before making further claims. Although, personally, a continuation chapter would be welcomed in my book!


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