Joining forces with Nickelodeon, the popular MOBA, Smite unveiled new Avatar: The Last Airbender themed skins for its new season. The Avatar, Aang, The fire-bender, Zuko, and Avatar Korra are all coming to the game via the season pass. While they aren’t their own characters the skins should surely provide some added value to Smite’s new season.

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Each of the three skins come via Battle Pass and add new visual effects to existing gods. Aang’s skin comes for the master wizard Merlin. A god that makes perfect sense for the first Avatar we see in the series as both Aang and Merlin uses the combination of elements to reach their full potential. The Storm God, Susanoo, gets the Zuko skin. While both are proficient in the sword. Susanno’s moves are wind and lightning-based, while Zuko could not generate lightning-like his father and sister. An interesting choice to say the least, when there are multiple fire gods in Smite. Lastly, Korra’s skin is for the Norse goddess of the ice & winter, Skadi. Its a perfect skin seeing as how Skadi is always accompanied by her bear familiar, Kaldr and Korra always have Naga. The Korra skin also works as she comes from the Water Tribe, a people who also are proficient in Ice-based maneuvers.

Zuko: The Master Fire-Bender
Image: Hi Rez Studio

The Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show is seeing a resurgence of sorts since being released on Netflix. The Avatar skins are scheduled for release next month, and the current battle pass is around $10.

Featured Image: Hi Rez Studios