While esports hasn’t ground to a halt like the rest of the world, normal seasons are still on hiatus. So the Mountain West Conference resolved to create the Social Distancing Series for Rocket League. The tournament follows a similar format to UGM Gaming’s Overwatch Collegiate Clash with a random bracket every week. Each game is a best-of-5 series and you should ABSOLUTELY be watching it.

So far in the the first two weeks of the Social Distancing Series Colorado State’s come out on top. But there’s a ton of crazy moments on both sides of the ball to keep the entertainment value high. With Colorado State’s dominating the brackets so far, its been tough seeing who’s better in the conference. In the bracket two weeks ago the CSU Rams had all 4 of their teams advance to the 2nd round. And while Boise State consistently gives CSU a run for their money, the Rams’ Chad Arson made a habit of pulling off huge plays in critical moments. The commentary from Micheal “Fish” Fisher, Jacob “Gem” Palmer and Deep “RJSaurus” Nadar is fun of the highest order. Their focus on the big plays and not so much of who’s got the biggest brain or game knowledge is refreshing.


With Coronavirus still keeping us at home, its been great seeing college esports keep chugging along with minimal interruption. Special events like this one are a great indicator of how no matter what, through the power of the internet we are still able to watch and follow our favorite schools and their teams. The series is streamed both on the Mountain West Twitch and Boise State Twitch channel. If you follow the Boise State Twitch, however, they have VoDs and clips locked behind subscriptions. You can see all of the crazy Rocket League action with some school pride on the line as well through this series make sure you check it out.