Torque Esports Corp.’s esports tournament and broadcast operations group, UMG Media Ltd. has finalized the competing schools to take part in the ‘UMG Overwatch Collegiate Clash’ which will begin on Friday, March 21.

The Overwatch Collegiate Clash Week 5 rolled on with a behemoth match in the first round. Week 5’s most shocking match came via UNLV vs. UT Dallas. Both teams have the potential to sit in the 2nd place spot behind Utah. But in the opening round the two schools faced off with UT Dallas winning out despite only appearing in two weeks of matches. However, Utah continued to dominate sweeping UT Dallas in the finals.

  • Utah 32
  • UNLV 24
  • Mississippi 18
  • CU Boulder 18
  • University of Texas at Dallas 12
  • Texas A&M 12
  • Wichita State 12
  • Boise State 8
  • Oklahoma 6
  • George Mason University 4
  • University of Akron 4

The format of the Collegiate Clash is very similar to Call of Duty League. Every week is a separate 8 team tournament-style bracket where the winner walks away with the most points (4 teams will have bye weeks). At the end of 7 weeks, the top 4 teams will face off in a final bracket for the championship.

Top Teams

1. University of Utah

There’s not much to say any more about how well this team is playing. Coblart and CoolABC are still two of the best DPS players regardless of meta or composition. Their lack of mistakes, solid play, and some of the best ult economy in the bracket wins them matched. It’s said about any sport that you can’t win without fundamentals. If that’s the case, Utah is the Tim Duncan of the Collegiate Cup.

2. University of Texas – Dallas

UT Dallas punched a ticket to finals in Week 3 and fell to UNLV. However, the opening round of this week told a different story. With the revenge game on, UT Dallas stepped up and beat their rivals 2-0. Their time in the finals wasn’t as fortuitous. While showing signs of promise, they seemed to lose cohesion after the first map.

3. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

This week was a massive set back for UNLV’s team. The opening match with UT Dallas was a massive disappointment for the only team not named Utah to win a weekly bracket. Its hard notice that with no Mei in Week 3 that they hyper-aggressive UNLV thrived. But when the game returned to a more methodical style this week it’s clear they struggled. UNLV has to clean up their game and slow down a bit to have a shot against Utah.

4. University of Colorado – Boulder

After five weeks in, UC Boulder is finally above someone in our top 5 again. They looked better than they ever have against Mississippi State and made it to the second round once more. However, they were poor against UT Dallas. They couldn’t mount any sort of reasonable defense on Dorado and were torn apart by UT Dallas’ Stasis.

5. Mississippi State University

Mississippi State continues to fall as they fail to get out of the first round this week. Tied on points with UC Boulder and with UT Dallas gaining, Mississippi State is in real danger of missing out on the Championship bracket.

If you want to check out the replay of the week 5 finals action, you are able to check it out below!

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Header Image: UMG Gaming